Aku kerap baca ini diluar bilik rawatan wad KK4. Falsafah ini untuk all the nurses in Malaysia dan Dunia atau falsafah ini untuk Institut Pediatrik sahaja? Apa nursing philosophy di wad KK4?

How you made me feel.

1. We believe the patient has right's to expect the personnel are qualified through education, experience and personality to carry out the service for which they are responsible.

2. We believe the patient has right's to expect that he will receive the nursing care necessary to attain and maintain their maximum degree of health.

3. We believe the patient has right's to except plans will be made by patient and the family, so that nursing and other necessary services will be available to them throughout the period of they need.

4. We believe that, the nursing department is a learning atmosphere for students of professional nursing and other allied personnel supportive to nursing.

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