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Foot-Sal !

Entry di rasanya cm da terlambat ntk di publishkn, 
but Ai nk jugak wt k...
On 25th of June 2011 hr tuh, de 
Supplier (Niro Ceramic Group) wt tournament 
Futsal at PJ (rasanya kt All-Rounder Indoor)...
So, we all pn join ats nama 
JKR (walhal wakil Unit@Caw Arkitek),
kalah is not an option since Pengarah jd penaja pakaian...
he3, pndai our arkitek 'bodek'
This is our team below :

Stand (from reader's left) : Radin, Zaki, Sham, Wan, Qarym and Nik
Front (also frm reader's left) : Ismail, Helmi, Ero, Sam and Ayip

Theres 4 group which is 5 team in that group...
But ours is 6 team since the last team added last minute...
We competed with Hijjaz Kasturi, RSP Architect, Brunsfield, SLA Arkitek n Neuformation.
For all info, we didn't manage to Quarter final since we Won 1 game, Lost 2 game n Draw 2 games
Most importantly, our Pengarah said that dont lost to Neuformation team! 
and we did it by win 1-0...
Not enough trained, no tactical n no experienced, thats y our team tak MANTAP..
But next year, will try it again...
Overall by points measured, we are at 11th places out of 21 teams...
Kira OK le tuh!, 
KLLLLLL, Peeeeace Yo!

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