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erkk..konyangnye! Ngantukz..@--]--

Friday prayers pass pergh .. stalls Laks stomach .. kne note le dtg AWL 'Jamek Mosque' tu, welcome address LBT prayers outside r kt tgh2 PNS .. clothing .. want to flood back SIB prayers 'encounters' wife raises d All House. . so, APE LG, Pow blnja MKN .. r he r he knows full melantak da frenz raises fish as apepn thnx .. thirsty raises syg .. ilang street stalls .. org find much to say le 'blessing' .. psssst: jln TAR many awekz kiss wooo ..

wife buy ice watermelon (masyuk) + Fried + bananas + popiato * ipapops puffs le ..

p / s: nih entry papa, North Aish tau...Salam fun day Friday. May receive mercy and blessed. God willing.

mengantuknye la bile petang2 camni cool I like the rain

bile drowsiness, weight mate n da mouth gape even asek je kerjanye

dont like the other works je = P
I spoke sangap tidow la kan?
kenape original eyh must yawn sleepy JE
ker original bite to chew it?
interesting facts about yawning olls I taw ni u not?
evaporate once kite eating about six seconds

(Lame tuh)

If ten times not to boil life da minute we spent for yawning?

(Dasattt giler nie yawn)

I try? fast g amik stop watch started yawning den
yawning contagious disease taw ni jugak
I tried to try caye
contohnye friend if u da evaporate first olss
the guy when u olls must evaporate pulak
tawu many causes less oxygen in the brain follows evaporate
pastu to get rid of all the carbon dioxide terlebih2.
when we feel tired, sleepy, tired man bernapas slower
oxygen so I get to the lungs jadik sikitlah
pastu carbon dioxide produced by the blood it was a bit jugak
So our bodies do not hold it
which hold many shares of carbon dioxide, so the brain even said .. "Cepattt! napassss pull!"
but most likely the influence of strong points of the brain
I eventually landing a funeral bed jugak

(Especially for self-direction)

ade gak theories say my body sbb kite evaporate mengeliat
Follows when yawning all tensed up otot2 cam jaw muscle mass mainly
why not u try mengeliat olls wink
tgk not evaporate into
one, two, first ..! hehe
but my research that the seal actually cause drowsiness:
- So I know we do it so I Sheryn engaging activities sket
- Suddenly feeling tired I do not know what
org mix if the reefs have to throw out a pencil, either it evaporate
- I yawn MMG hobby. If it does not evaporate feel happy world

(Special direction to Mrs. wiife = p)

- Whole day I kept bukak mouth communication about digital
so if there paling2 yawning mouth movement la jugak tuh
- Why read this entry today that it evaporate olls membosankan.mesti u cool?

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  1. mrs norsafarinaApril 06, 2010

    cian abg.belanja makan goreng pisang je.lain kali, dtg awal ye.syg belanja ikan bakar pulak


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